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Letter Memorial Co, Inc. was started by Armand Letter of Barre, Vermont in 1930. In 1950, he sold the business to Arnolfo Magistris who was also of Barre, Vermont. In 1974, Mr. Magistris sold the business to Daniel (Dan) and Diane Byrns who were also originally from Barre, Vermont. They proceeded to operate the business until January 2005 when their son, Todd Byrns, purchased and began to operate the business.

The family has a long history with the granite business. Dan Byrn's father worked in the granite sheds and after growing up surrounded by the granite business, Dan developed an interest in this industry. Dan then furthered his his extensive knowledge of the business and worked for many years for Rock of Ages Corp. as a district sales manager in upstate New York. After traveling for many years, Dan decided to spend more time with his family and purchased Letter Memorial Co., Inc. in Johnstown, New York.

Diane Byrns' father also worked in the granite quarries for Rock of Ages Corp. She was also from Barre, Vermont and had full knowledge of the granite industry. Diane worked along side her husband, Dan, until his passing in 2003. She continued to operate the business until January 2005 when her son Todd Byrns purchased the business. Diane still works with her son in their family business today.

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